Kiiroo Release the Onyx Plus



Kiiroo – the leading haptic and interactive sex toy company – have launched the third iteration of their flagship product the Onyx. Titled the Onyx+, it’s not a radical departure from the Onyx 2, but is claimed to feature improved contracting technology making it smoother, more powerful, as well as quieter.

The Onyx toys are masturbation sleeves with ten contracting rings running alongside them that produce the right amount of pressure to simulate sexual intercourse, whether you want to interpret that as a blowjob or your penis being ridden by a pussy. They have three modes – manual (where you control the pressure), interactive (where you can synch the contraction movements to action in a porn video, or even a live webcam performer or a lover with a haptic vibrator), and automatic (where the patterns are set for you).


The Onyx+ costs $219 and is available to buy now from the Kiiroo store.

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