Ten Interesting Sex Tech Accounts To Follow On Twitter

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Twitter is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in sex tech. Here’s a list of ten of the accounts that I get most value from following. Of course, you should start by following me @FutureSex_Tech

Ten interesting #SexTech people and companies to follow on Twitter

@Virt-A-Mate – The official twitter channel for all things Virt-A-Mate

Virt-A-Mate is a software platform for the creation of digital characters and scenes for adult virtual reality. I’ve showcased it quite often here over the last couple of years.

According to the Patreon page of the company behind it (MeshedVR) :

The goal of this project was to make realistic characters using a combination of realistic joint physics, soft body physics, skin-accurate collisions, and advanced rendering techniques. The characters can come alive by capturing and storing motion capture from off-the-shelf VR controllers like the Vive controllers or Oculus Touch controllers. The characters can react to your movements or objects you control in a realistic manner.

There is also a Reddit devoted to ‘VAMscenes‘.

@RoboticsDS – The Twitter channel for sexbot company DS Doll Robotics

In my view, DS Doll Robotics appear to be the company closest to bringing to market the first true sex robots. They regularly tease the amazing looking work they are doing at their sex robot/sex doll factory in China.

It’s hard to believe that their latest tweets can actually be featuring real sex robot prototypes, rather than human actresses, but then check out third sexbot’s legs at the end of the video….

Clever marketing at the least, and you can also follow the company on Instagram, where you’ll also see that they are getting closer and closer to making very real androids.

@MoralLust and @Dr_Markie_Twist – The coiners of the term ‘digisexuality’

The two academics who will go down in history as jointly coining the term digisexuality (referring to individuals who prefer sexual satisfaction via robots or perhaps in digital worlds) both have lively Twitter accounts.

@DrDavidLey and @brainonporn – Debunking the NoFap Cult

Two great accounts to follow for the debunking of NoFap and the ‘porn addiction’ quack therapy/pseudo-science.

@NaughtySandbox – ‘Devlog of my erotic simulation game with cinematic visuals and VR support’

Similar to with Virt-A-Mate above, following this Twitter account really gives you a feeling of following the future of XR porn. Amazingly realistic physics in the adult digital 3D scenes this person is creating apparently single-handedly.

@XBIZ – ‘The world leader in adult industry news’

XBIZ is known as the news hub of the adult industry and it’s one of the best places to keep up-to-date with the latest future tech stories, as well as general trends and happenings in the porn and sex toy worlds.

@joimachine – ‘The future of sex’

Controversial MGTOW sex doll and robot evangalizer type who has ruffled a few feathers on Twitter to say the least.

@drkatedevlin – Academic and expert on sex robots

Kate Devlin is a rare academic who speaks with impartiality on the subject of sex robots and their supposed dangers. She is the author of the essay – ‘In defence of sex machines: Why trying to ban sex robots is wrong‘ and the book – ‘Turned On: Science, Sex, and Robots’.

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