New VR Fetish Site – Virtual Pee Review (18+)

Virtual Pee

There’s a surprising number of fetish pay sites now catering for the still very small virtual reality headset market, and a new one appeared recently becoming the first ever dedicated VR pissing site – Virtual Pee.

Virtual Pee review

The site updates once a week, and the videos are VERY short – around 5 or 6 minutes. But to be fair, it would be hard to stretch a pissing scene much longer than that, at least not without asking the actresses to drink gallons of water. And given the limited focus of the fetish, each scene/video is fairly inventive and quite different to the last – not simply a girl peeing into a cup each and every time. The selection of models is wide, and I haven’t seen any of them before in VR porn (with one or two exceptions such as Antonia Sainz above), or porn in general for that matter, although I don’t follow the peeing fetish. The site doesn’t appear to be affiliated with any other VR studio but is simply an established producer of (2D) piss niche porn.

Whether there are enough fans of pissing girls out there owning VR headsets to sustain a niche like this is up for debate. I would say that even if you are not normally into this niche, in virtual reality it is VERY….immersive. I remember back in the day of 3D stereo porn videos a decade ago, the 3D pissing niche was very popular for obvious reasons, and in an immersive VR headset, the sight of a pretty girl squating in front of you and letting a stream of piss shoot out from her in your direction is quite something. So any VR fans with headsets should consider this site, it certainly offers something different that works particularly well in 3D VR.

Also note that CzechVRFetish quite regularly releases VR pissing videos.

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