Prague Sex Doll Brothel Adds Virtual Reality

Prague VR Sex Doll Brothel

sex doll brothel with VR in Prague

An apparently thriving sex doll brothel in the center of Prague is now offering to enhance the customer’s experience by allowing them to wear virtual reality headsets while they romp with the silicone prostitutes. Clients can also enjoy VR porn while using a haptic sex toy (an illustrative photo shows the Fleshlight Launch masturbator) and/or while seated in a ‘massage chair’.

Dive into the world of virtual reality only in Naughty Harbor. we have prepared some unique erotic experiences for you in connection with the VR headset. Wondering what it’s like to be a part of your favorite erotic movie while feeling everything thanks to an ultra-realistic doll? Or do you prefer to be completely pampered about you and do not have to worry about anything? Try virtual relaxation, a combination of 3 pleasures. Automatic stimulation thanks to high-tech masturbator, real massage thanks to the massage chair and all this in connection with the world of virtual reality. Thanks to Naughty Harbor you have the opportunity to look into the future and experience completely futuristic and unusual erotic experiences.

Prices start from around $50 for a 30 minute private session with a realistic sex doll. That’s actually about the same as the hundreds or thousands of real sex workers in Prague charge (many of them university students and at least as good looking as the average Czech pornstar). When even Czech girls can’t compete with silicone rivals, then you know that the sexbot apocalypse really is looming into view.

If you want the VR porn as well as a sex doll to experience it with, then you are looking at over $100 for 30 minutes and over $200 for an hour’s session.

I might give this sex doll brothel a try – for purely research purposes, of course. And when I do, I’ll give a detailed account of my experience here. I’ve speculated several times in the past how XR porn might be combined with sex dolls for the ultimate in virtual sex, although I’ve always said that clearly augmented reality offers much more potential than VR porn.

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