‘Sex Doll Brothel’ Faces Closure in Paris

A number of sex doll ‘brothels’ have sprung up around Europe in the last year or two. Sometimes sex dolls are offered alongside human sex workers (and it has been claimed by one such institution that the sex dolls are more popular with the punters). Others are dedicated exclusively to sex dolls and, in some cases at least, appear to be attempts to skirt around existing anti-prostitution laws. This might be the case with ‘Xdolls’, a sex doll brothel run out of an apartment in Paris that offered men the chance of having sex with a choice of four different realistic Chinese made dolls.

Now, a group of extremists including communists and radical feminists appear to be about to force the closure of the brothel on the grounds that it ‘encourages the rape of women’.

Oulaldj has tabled a motion for the business to be closed, despite police who visited the premises determining that no law was being broken and it posed no threat to public order.

“Xdolls conveys a degrading image of the woman,” Oulaldj said.

Feminist group Mouvement du Nid (Nest Movement) agrees, arguing that the business promotes rape culture.

“Xdolls is not a sex shop. It’s a place that generates money and where you rape a woman,” said spokeswoman Lorraine Questiaux.

“Can we in France approve a business that is based on the promotion of rape?”

Similar businesses have popped up in other European cities in recent years across Spain, Germany, England, the Netherlands and Austria. Xdolls’ owner, Joaquin Lousquy, has told French media that despite the opposition in Paris, he hopes to opens similar businesses elsewhere.


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