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RealTouch and a sexy woman

RealTouch looked dead and finished only a few months ago, yet now they are not only back with a re-designed site, they have officially announced that their devices will soon be able to be used for live virtual sex via webcam.

According to their new ‘safe for work’ website, at some point this year, RealTouch users will be able to have sex with live ‘professional’ performers, on a face-to-face, one-on-one, basis.  You will also be able to have sex with anyone at the other end of  your webcam, so long as they have the RealTouch ‘input’ device, shaped like a dildo, that will allow these things to happen.

RealTouch also announced plans for virtual sex worlds, where RealTouch users could have sex with each other using virtual avatars.  I wonder if these could possibly make use of Kinect style face and gesture tracking technology?  If they don’t initially, they inevitably will at some point.

If all that wasn’t enough, AEBN have also released the programming of the RealTouch to outsiders by releasing a RealTouch Content Developer’s Kit (CDK) which will allow others to ‘haptic encode’ videos for use with the RealTouch.

CDK features sample code, a sample video, script files and sample executables that demonstrate how to encode video content for RealTouch in order to enhance the simulated warmth, moistness and relative motion in thousands of adult videos.

“This is part of the goal of the RealTouch team to foster the development of a community and a content standard for haptically-enhanced content and software,” said director of sales and marketing Scott Rinaldo.

He added, “We believe there is a bright future ahead for the RealTouch product line and that growing a community and making this technology available for other developers is how we’ll arrive there.”

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