RealTouch – More than a sex toy?

Inanimate sex toys, even the most realistic such as Japanese love dolls, will always only be enhancements to masturbation. Same for mechanical sex toys such as the Autoblow. This is, of course, what is so exciting about the RealTouch. If the sensations you feel when you have your dick in that thing are really the same as what the actor in the porn scene is experiencing, then there is a very (virtually) real sense in which you are doing something sexual with another human being (the porn actress).

Of course the next level will be when AEBN master the haptic coding for live virtual sex with a webcam performer…or even your MSN chat buddy.

And can you imagine the RealTouch being integrated with one of those realistic Love Dolls??

A Lot Is Riding On The Success Of The RealTouch

RealTouch and a sexy woman

There is A LOT riding on the success of the RealTouch.  The adult Industry is suffering big time with all the free amateur and copyrighted porn out there on sites like PornTube. If RealTouch makes AEBN money then you are going to see virtual sex explode.  Already the product’s makers are working on the haptic encoding required to allow users to have virtual sex with a live webcam performer.  If RealTouch is a success I also wouldn’t be surprised to see  v2.0 integrated with those amazingly realistic Real Dolls within a few years.

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