SexLikeReal Improves VR Pornstar Search Algorithm

SLR American Asian VR pornstar search

SexLikeReal is the top ‘hub’ site for virtual reality porn. It produces a small number of very high quality original videos (‘SLR Originals’), but most of the videos it offers to members are from other studios, including many of the top sites such as WankzVR. As well as some of the top sites, it also offers content from dozens of studios that do not have their own sites, and make their content available through SexLikeReal (and sometimes one or two other third party sites). A good example of this is the excellent ‘VREdging‘.

VREdging video banner

As you can imagine, SexLikeReal has a lot of content. In fact, over 4,000 different models are featured in their tens of thousands of VR porn videos. Such a massive array of content deserves a sophisticated search feature, and the site announced recently that they had upgraded the algorithm that they were using to create results for pornstar searches. Unfortunately, it doesn’t involve ‘machine learning’ or facial recognition AI systems that can match by physical similarity. Instead, it simply adds much needed paramaters to their algorithm – such as ethnicity, hair color, breast size, tattoos, age, and number of likes.

SLR JAV star search

As you can see from the images above and below, the improvement is obvious – going from producing a close to useless set of results, to highly relevant results. There is also a ‘pornstar block’ feature available, so that you can permanently remove any irrelevant or unwanted models from future search results.

SLR black search

SLR Caucasian Blonde search

The improvements are impressive, but I’d like to see a site as big as SexLikeReal innovate with some real AI face and body matching technology. As far back as five years ago and a webcam site was attempting to match your real life crush to a live webcam girl using AI. With the advances in machine learning and image recognition made since then, it surely ought to be possible to do this accurately today, or at least match one pornstar with very similar looking actresses.

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