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VRLove Amarah Miller

However, great VR porn is already, it’s still recorded immersive 3D video, at the end of the day. You can move your head from side to side in 180 (or 220/360 sometimes) and your view of the 3D stereo scene changes accordingly as though you are really there. It’s good, but you still can’t interact with the pornstar, or in any sense move about or take advantage of headsets that offer six degrees of freedom.

A solution to this is digital vr porn, and in particular, so I guess not to make their pornstars redundant, use ditial avatars of pornstars. Eventually, of course, the pornstars could be motion tracked themselves whilst wearing headsets (or hopefully one day soon VR/AR glasses), enabling to interact live for true virtual sex.

The company behind top VR porn site VirtualRealPorn have taken the first steps down this road and officially unveiled their first digital pornstar for their sister project VRLove. In VRloveTheGame you get to play sexy games with the avatar of Amarah Miller, who you can see below in her digital and real life form.

VRLove with Amarha Miller

Amarha Miller

The designers of VRLove promise that more pornstars will be scanned soon, that members will be able to customize them to their taste. It also appears that the intention is to build an entire virtual sex world community.

VRLove is not the only VR site creating digital sex avatars and/or digital avatars of pornstars, as you can see at my page Best AR Porn Sites.

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