SinsVR Closes Its Doors

SinsVR featured lesbian girls

SinsVR - Charlie Red and Tine Kay

Another VR porn site has announced that it is no longer releasing new material or accepting new subscribers. Czech based was a 5K VR site that focused on girl on girl action and solo masturbation. It’s not known why SinsVR has given up, but I’m guessing that a softcore/lesbian VR site simply doesn’t have enough of a potential subscriber base at the present time. There is currently an abundance of pay sites competing for what is still a quite small VR porn market. Most of the top hardcore sites regularly release lesbian and solo girl scenes, often starring the very same girls that SinsVR employed (for example, their latest – and last – videos featured VR porn industry stalwarts such as Charlie Red and Veronica Leal).

One lesbian VR site that has seemingly been going strong for a number of years already now is YanksVR. But that site has quite a different feel to nearly any other VR pay site, featuring mostly amateur type models, or at least girls who haven’t been seen everywhere or even anywhere else.

SinsVR - recent vr lesbian videos

Apparently, SinsVR is going to continue to stay online, and there’s always a chance that it could either reopen as the market grows, or be bought by another VR porn studio (as happened with KinkVR – bought by the Badoink stable). It appears that SinsVR did have some fans judging from comments at r/oculusnsfw, with one Redditor expressing his regret as follows :

This is too bad! They made the best girl-girl content in the business. Hopefully it will continue to be available

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