‘Social Wanking’?

WankParty has announced the launch of its flagship “social wanking” site, which it calls “the dirty version of Twitch.”

According to the company, WankParty allows users to explore and discover new porn accompanied by a group chat displayed alongside the streaming video.

“The next video only starts to play when the video is done or more [than] 50 percent of the people using WankParty decided to vote against the current video,” says a WankParty spokesperson. “The chat enables people to discuss the current video playing, make friends or just hang around talking dirty.”

WankParty offers different categories including amateur, mature, teen, ebony, BBW, gay, and trans, to ensure something for everyone.

Visitors to WankParty can register for an account, choose a personal nickname, and upload a custom avatar. Registered users will also be able to push their own videos out to the public by uploading them to WankParty.

“All videos are moderated by our team,” the spokesperson adds. “This is only the first version we launched and we are planning on regular updates, so stay tuned for a lot more features to come.”


It’s long been obvious that most killer internet apps and sites have relied on the fundamental social nature of human beings to build traction and become hits. However, masturbation has always been a solitary pursuit, and the internet hasn’t thus far changed this. The social side of porn viewing has been limited to sharing porn – either directly on video and image sites, or via links on sites like Reddit, as well as leaving and reading comments under tube videos.

Webcam girl chatrooms are obviously social, but most guys would prefer to go 1on1 with the girl in private chat rather than compete for attention with lots of other horny men, and that is why cam site members usually have to pay extra to do so. So the attempt to turn masturbation itself into a social activity online is a brave and interesting one.

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