Virtual Girlfriends – MGTOW (Sandman)

virtual girlfriends mgtow

Another interesting video from the top MGTOW (men go their own way) on YouTube – Sandman. In this video, he talks about virtual girlfriends, again referring to an idea I’ve made here, that the most popular form of sex dolls/sex robots will soon be ‘AR sex dolls’. These will be rather generic sex dolls (or robots) where the user sees the facial and physical characteristics through augmented reality. Another notable idea he talks about is the possibility that the sex robot and virtual girlfriend industry might be ‘bigger than porn’ and a trillion dollar industry. Most of the video is a reply to a three part video series on sex robots by the controversial ‘masculinist’ Paul Elam, who I will not link to here due to his extreme and misogynist views, as well as offensive views on MGTOW itself.

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