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DS Doll Robotics on YouTube sex robot doc
I came across this very well made sex robots documentary on YouTube the other day, although it was uploaded a couple of months ago. Produced by a channel that takes a positive and informed look at the rapid developments in robotics, in this video it takes the approach to the subject of sex robots, while also touching on VR porn and virtual sex. It traces the history of sex robots right from the infamous ‘Roxxy’ of inventor Douglas Hines, and up to the latest creations of DS Doll Robotics utilizing 3D printing.

Very different to the usual clich├ęd videos and reports seen over the last several years, it even manages to be very fair and balanced when briefly looking at the ‘sex robots objectify women’ argument at the end of the video – counterpointing them with recent well-publicized claims that sex robots can be a boon to the elderly and other often sexually disadvantaged groups in society. The video has already been watched by almost 1/4 of a million people.

Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu8luTDe_Xxd2ahAXsCWX5g

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