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Sex Robot Podcast Featuring Kate Devlin

Kate Devlin is a British computer scientist specialising in Artificial intelligence and Human–computer interaction. She co-chaired the annual Love and Sex With Robots convention in 2016 held in London, after penning the seminal defence of sex robots a year earlier hat was published in The Conversation and entitled – ‘In defence of sex machines: why… Read More »

Ten Interesting Sex Tech Accounts To Follow On Twitter

Twitter is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in sex tech. Here’s a list of ten of the accounts that I get most value from following. Of course, you should start by following me @FutureSex_Tech Ten interesting #SexTech people and companies to follow on Twitter @Virt-A-Mate – The official… Read More »

Moral Panic Over Deepfakes Renewed

As the ‘face swapping’ technology behind deepfakes continues to rapidly improve, it seems as though the media moral panic over the use of it in fake porn is being renewed. Two major media reports this week asked – ‘Are deepfakes the new revenge porn?’. Feminist minded culture magazine VOX published an interesting if very one-sided… Read More »