Sex Robot Podcast Featuring Kate Devlin

Pygmalion Auguste Rodin

Kate Devlin is a British computer scientist specialising in Artificial intelligence and Human–computer interaction. She co-chaired the annual Love and Sex With Robots convention in 2016 held in London, after penning the seminal defence of sex robots a year earlier hat was published in The Conversation and entitled – ‘In defence of sex machines: why trying to ban sex robots is wrong‘.

She’s become a regular on podcasts and in media interviews whenever the subject of sex robots comes up, and is something of an antidote to the shrieking feminist anti-sex robot campaigners who want the technology banned. Although she has to tread a fine line and drop in the usual points about ‘men controlling female sexuality’ and ‘sex robots do stereotype women a little’, she serves a very useful purpose and gets airtime and respect as a female academic, that even a male like David Levy can’t.

This week she took part in an interesting 28 minute pod cast at NCR – Sex Machines: Love In The Age Of Robots – in which she argues that men are seeking sex robots for real companionship and affection rather than simply sex.

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