Joe Rogan Talks Sex Robots (And Vegan Meat).

Joe Rogan Sex Robots and Vegan Meat

Sex Robots and Vegan Meat - Jenny Kleeman - Reviews & Joe Rogan podcastJenny Kleeman is a British journalist who has published a book which takes a look at ways in which people are born, eat meat, have sex, and die – the very things that have defined us as human for thousands of years – are all set to be revolutionized in the near future. The book is entitled ‘Sex Robots & Vegan Meat‘, and as that title suggests, the future of sex robots do have a large share of the discussion. The book appears to be becoming something of a popular science bestseller, and Jenny and the subjects (especially sex robots and vegan meat) are the sort of topics that podcaster Joe Rogan likes to discuss on his show. So last week Jenny talked to Joe about her book, and here is a YouTube clip of the discussion on sex robots.

Jenny’s book is only one of several on sex robots to be published in the last year. The one I’m most looking forward to is Kate Devlin’s book – ‘Turned On : Science, Sex and Robots’, arriving from Amazon today. I’ll give a full review of it here shortly (as well as Sex Robots & Vegan Meat).

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