UK government targets ‘chemsex’ drugs

By | July 21, 2017

The UK seems determined that nobody should ever have fun from sex ever again.  Or at least it does seem to be agitating for unnecessary rules and regulations that will present obstacles to the sextech utopia.  Not only is the brexit Britain the home of sexbot resistance, but the Conservative minority government there recently announced new legislation against ‘chemsex’ drugs.  The legislation is targetted at the supply and use of hardcore drugs that have become popular as aids to sex. The legislation also targets so called ‘legal highs’ which are substitutes for soft-drugs that technically fell just within the law due to their artificial formulations, but that now have already been blanket banned last year in badly worded legislation that also appeared to prohibit things like nootropics (smart pills) and pheromones (natural scents that supposedly attract the opposite sex).  The new legislation threatens to do the same to all ‘chemically enhanced sex’ with it’s poor phrasing and ignorance of the safe and positive ways that chemical substances may soon be able to aid and enhance sex and masturbation.

Thanks to revolutions in biotech as well as 3d printing, the creation and production of drugs that have been precisely designed to alter physical or mental processes in a specific and targeted way appears to be close to becoming a reality. Safe and effective drugs could soon reach the market that increase sexual desire, magnify orgasms, delay ejaculation or enable multiple orgasms for both men and women.  Drugs similar to the hormone oxytocin could amplify the feelings of love during sex to sublime levels.  All of these wonderful possibilities could be put at risk by another piece of badly thought out if well meaning legislation from a clueless and conservative government.

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