Anti Sexbot Campaigners Target True Companion ‘Roxxxy’ As Encouraging Rape

Roxxxy claimed as first sex robot with inventor Douglas Hines

Radical feminist anti-sexbot campaigners took their battle to a new level, and arguably a new low, when they denounced the famous ‘Roxxxy’ True Companion sex robot as representing an encouragment to rapists. Roxxxy, the first sexbot revealed by company True Companion several years ago, was publicized to much fanfare at the time as the world’s first sexbot, with countless orders from lonely eager men within days of release. However, certain doubt remains as to the commercial success or even the reality of Roxxxy, whose crude appearance and rudimentary ‘artificial intelligence’ was widely ridiculed at the time. That hasn’t stopped the latest anti-sexbot campaiging group to crawl out of the rocks – The Foundation for Responsible Robots – to slam the True Companion robots as ‘encouraging rapists’.

Roxxxy famously came with a number of pre-programmed ‘personalities’. Along with a ‘barely legal’ 18 year old persona, you could also choose a ‘frigid’ sexbot. This latter personality encourages rapists according to Professor Noel Sharkey, the man behind the new lobby group.

However, it seems not all feminists are so anti-sexbot – perhaps because they can see that banning such things might also lead to a prohibition on girl’s best friends such as smart dildos and vibrators programmed with A.I. According to a feminist op-ed in the UK free daily paper ‘The Metro’, rape is the result of an inability on the part of men to understand what consent means, not about the desire to rape a frigid sexbot.

But the option for men who have a dark sexual fantasy, a fantasy which is just as common in women as it is in men, to act out something that they know is taboo? That’s probably the least worrying, to me.
If a man is able to recognise that a fantasy is different from reality, and a sex robot is different from a woman, then what he chooses to do in his bedroom is entirely his business.
And if he isn’t able to tell the difference between those two things? Then he’s a danger to the world around him, whether he owns as sex doll or not.

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