Video Demo of Phone Scanning 3D Avatars for VR

3D Creator Avatar

3D scanning for avatar generation is coming along very fast, with Sony’s ‘3D Creator’ App for its Xperia phone leading the way. A YouTube demo was uploaded last week in which the channel ‘Mixed Reality TV’ talked to an artist from ‘Somnium Space‘ that utilizes the app and which appears to be making a bid to become the virtual reality version of Second Life.

Although the focus in the video and interview is the applications for VR, the Sony official 3D Creator website page for their app makes clear that it is intended as much for augmented reality. The possibilities for adult uses, in both VR and AR, are endless. And in more general terms, accurate avatar representation promises to kickstart social VR which is essential if VR is ever to truly take off and become mainstream, and this of course is also essential to the success of VR porn. In this light, hastily conceived laws relating to ‘deep fake porn’ have a disturbing potential to restrict avatar generated porn and even mainstream social VR.

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