Viktoria Sweet Solo VR Masturbation (18+)

Viktoria Sweet A Gift for Me

Viktoria Sweet’s porn career has followed the path from 3D TV to virtual reality headset today. I remember viewing her sweet innocent teen body through anaglyph red blue 3D glasses at pioneer stereoscopic porn sites such as Adult4D (still active!) Now, a decade later, and she still looks fantastic, which is great, because we can now view her body not only in 3D, but immersive 3D head tracking virtual reality. Adult4D was the very first 3D porn site, opening its door even before the Avatar/3D TV craze of late 2008. Here is Viktoria Sweet playing with her wet pussy again at VirtualRealPorn – the very first 3D virtual reality porn site, which openend up even before the consumer versions of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets appeared on the market.


More trailers and the full movie at VirtualRealPorn

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