Nerd Girl (Angel Rush) VR Review (18+)

From time to time I’ll highlight here a VR porn video (and hopefully maybe even soon an AR porn video or game) that I believe stands out from the crowd.

Angel Rush in ‘Nerd Girl’ from VirtualRealPorn

Nerd Girl starring Angel Rush - VR Review

This is definitely one of the best VR movies I’ve experienced in a while. Angel Rush is a Russian just turned 20 year old beauty from St Petersburg (also the birth place of the likes of Gina Gerson). Put a pair of nerdish glasses on her pretty face, however, and she’s a surprisingly convincing geeky young lady giving you a private Maths lesson in the park. Her dorkish looks combined with her Russian accent is a big turn on, especially if you like geeky girls and Slavic ladies of course. Despite her bookish look, her smoking hot body is all too apparent and you quickly can’t resist taking the risk of fingering her pussy through her sweet white cotton panties. The outraged look of astonished innocence she gives might be enough to make you shoot your load too early in the experience, but try to hold out because it only gets better! She quickly gets turned on and so you both go back indoors for a hardcore sex session on the bed in which she lets you do everything, and I do mean just about everything, to her tight little body.

One of the good things about VirtualRealPorn (the first VR porn site online) is that they offer free minute long VR videos in every format for you to sample. You can download this smartphone VR trailer for the video on to your PC or phone and even on a 2D screen you can see how good the movie is.

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