VR Bangers wants men to wear headsets while having sex

Virtual reality porn site ‘VR Bangers‘ wants men to wear VR headsets and watch their porn whilst having sex with the wife or girlfriend. Husbands, wives, and lovers, wearing headsets or glasses whilst having sex is indeed going to be a hugely popular thing in the coming years as I’ve predicted here. But it’s primary use will be through augmented reality glasses or headsets, such as the HoloLens, rather than VR headsets. Augmented reality will allow husbands to see their wives with bigger breasts, or as they were when they were 18 (or even as they will be as grannys). They will be able to see their wives or girlfriends as pornstars, or even as the girl next door. Putting on a VR headset and watching 360 3D video porn whilst making love does this in a very crude form, but having not tried it myself, it does sound like fun.


VR Bangers has made a VR video with the specific intent to be viewed whilst having a sex to create the impression of cheating on your wife…whilst having sex with your wife. Although it’s crude 360 3D video ‘VR’ it does give an indication both of the future potential of adult Augmented Reality, as well as the bizarre role play possibilities these techs will create.

Like a number of leading VR porn sites, the CEO of VR Bangers has been exploring the possibilities of augmented reality porn for the HoloLens. He likely sees this type of use as the ultimate application of that technology, and I for one agree.

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