The First Sexy HoloLens Girl

This might just represent the closest thing yet to porn for the HoloLens. A Microsoft developer on YouTube has released several videos of his own HoloLens demos that feature sexy, scantily clad girls. The above example is the most impressive so far, and gives an indication of just how awesome it will be to have 3D holographic girls in your living room – confirmed by the comments below the video!

But how soon are we to having porn for the HoloLens, the mixed reality headset from Microsoft that is still in its initial developers stage? We know that there are at least several adult companies looking to create holo porn. These include SugarDVD, Naughty America, and VR Bangers. Major hurdles to overcome include the difficulty of recording and streaming real 3D action for the HoloLens. The processing power needed currently entails cloud based apps that unfortunately do not allow adult content. However, the above video demonstrates that at least rudimentary digital 3D adult holograms shouldn’t be that difficult to produce. The HoloLens developer edition recently finally became available in Japan, so we can surely expect some holo hentai content to be coming from there soon.

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