Was Sex Robot Samanatha Really Molested? Creator Speaks

samantha sexbot youtube

You may remember that Samantha the sex robot (and rival to Harmony of Realbotix) was allegedly molested and abused so much she needed repairs after being showcased at an Austrian tech show last year.


Given the inevitable opposition to sex robots that is already evident and will grow mainfold in the years ahead, I considered it at the time to be a very badly thought out publicity stunt by the makers of the bot – Barcelona based Synthea Amatus. Now the head of that company and the man behind Samantha (Sergi Santos) has given his side of the story on YouTube, so judge for yourself. If it was a media exercise to gain attention, he evidently now realizes that it backfired, although he claims the story was largely ‘media lies’.

Sergi certainly is now aware of the depth of growing opposition to the nascent sex robot industry, and talks in this videos about whether that opposition might be based on fear.

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