Adult Metaverse Moves Forward With Naughty America’s ‘’ featured Immersive Porn

Ambitious VR porn company Naughty America appears intent on becoming the Meta of the VR porn world. It already established a pioneering lead in the race to build an adult metaverse with its RealGirlsNow virtual strip club, and this week it announced the opening of ‘‘ for both Quest 2 and Quest Pro headset owners. Like RealGirlsNow, viewers accessing the site via the headset’s web browser, can choose to switch between fully immersive virtual reality and passthrough mixed reality modes. The main difference between the two sites is that while the former site uses volumetric scanned pornstars, makes use of 3D animated characters.

As with RealGirlsNow, there is 6dof, so you can move around, including moving around the girls, who appear to you as 3D ‘holograms’. The girls are not exactly crude, but at the same time not realistic enough to venture into uncanny valley territory. Still, they managed to push my buttons, at least in the huge and attractive VR room, as there are multiple screens all around you in 360 degrees, displaying live action recorded porn videos. You will soon have the ability to change the videos. You can also move the 3D girls about, rotate them, shrink or enlarge them. And there are a lot of different girls and animations to enjoy. I counted around 50 or more, and include Japanese girls and a few males.

Naughty America's adult metaverse
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In passthrough mode, you just see the girl or the model/animation you have chosen, in your actual environment. Given the unconvincing nature of the models, which are a long way from those of VR-Hot , this isn’t as exciting as it could be. Perhaps Naughty America could hire the developers behind that patreon project, or perhaps any of the countless amazing 3D digital artists using software such as Virt-A-Mate?

So as is to be expected, the experience hints at potential rather than something you’re going to be likely fapping away to regularly today. But let’s not be in any doubt as to the vastness of that potential. If they can improve the quality of the 3D models, and add a social aspect to the VR world, then the adult metaverse would indeed be taking shape.

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