RealGirlsNow Volumetric ‘Holograms’ Now Ready For Meta Quest Pro

You bought a Quest Pro, here is the porn!

Naughty America’s brave attempt at the first real augmented reality porn site has taken another leap forward this week. Their volumetric scanned pornstars are now confirmed available to be experienced in your home via the new Meta Quest Pro VR mixed reality headset. There are no complicated settings needed to be worked out, or apps to download. You just need to put on your Quest Pro and visit RealGirlsNow, and you will be presented with the option to view the models in augmented reality (you can also experience them in a virtual reality setting).

Currently there are only two options when it comes to viewing AR porn on a headset with color passthrough such as the Quest Pro or the Pico 4. That is the ‘hologram’ girls of ReaGirlsNow, or playing suitable VR porn videos in passthrough mode. The advantage of the RGN volumetric girls is that they do appear as real 3D holograms. You can move around them, they cast shadows on your floor or bed. The disadvantage, at least for many, is that you can’t virtually fuck the girls. In fact, there are no hardcore scenes, just dancing and stripping, and some girl on girl touching and kissing. The animations are also limited in duration, although the number of models has greatly increased from the early days of the site (as ‘Naughty America Strip Club’).

Just like the Meta Quest Pro is a first real stab at turning mixed reality mainstream, the same is true of RealGirlsNow. Both are works in progress, with both requiring some success among ‘early adopters’ to build enough momentum and profit to enable further development. I don’t doubt that there is a place for virtual strippers in mixed reality. It’s really an extension of the 2D virtual desktop strippers that have been around since the early days of the Internet, and are as still as popular today. Just as those desktop strippers aren’t designed to be your focus of attention for long periods, or intended as fap material, so the hologram strippers of RealGirlsNow could be sexy decorations to brighten up your living room as you work on your virtual monitor, or watch YouTube in mixed reality.

If you have bought (or your company has bought you) a Meta Quest Pro, then I would definitely recommend joining RealGirlsNow and becoming an early adopter of what might soon be an AR porn industry that is even bigger than its older VR porn brother. Check out the list of the best AR porn sites in 2022.

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