Alibaba Make Breakthrough In AI Animated Video Generation

Animate Anyone example

NSFW image creation has exploded over the last 12 months, but we all know that the fun will really begin once genuine AI porn video generators are here. Several of the top NSFW generators do claim to offer video creation, but truth be told, the results are still closer to flickering gifs than videos. There hasn’t been a great deal of progress over the last few months, but perhaps a recent breakthrough from the Chinese company Alibaba means that this might change soon. There have been several tools that have become popular lately that can be used to animate a person or character, from a single still image. But like the AI-generated porn videos of today, they are very flackery, and look like they are composed of a series of (sometimes inconsistent) pictures of a person stitched together.

Recently, however, the Chinese tech giant Alibaba revealed ‘Animate Anyone’ – a ‘consistent and controllable image-to-video synthesis for character animation’. Not only does it produce smoother and more consistent animations that look much more like true videos, the company has made the code freely available to all on GitHub. The animations work for an image of a real person or a drawn character. The resulting dance animations are the product of the AI being trained on thousands of hours of TikTok videos. It’s easy to see, at least to a layperson such as myself, that an AI could similarly be trained on adult videos – at least to produce relatively simple animations such as a blowjob, or cowgirl sex. The Alibaba software also allows you to do other things with the animation such as adding different clothing to the original character. The video below demonstrates the tool in action, as well as comparing it to its existing rivals.

Of course, any new advance even hinting at the possible imminent arrival of AI-generated porn videos will attract a backlash, and it’s already happening with Animate Anyone. A femninist Australian writer notes :

The comments on that GitHub update quickly devolve into an argument over the uses of the tool, with one commenter noting “this technology’s only use will be for revenge porn, blackmail, identity theft and CSEM [child sexual exploitation material] and should NEVER be made open source.”

Other commentators aren’t so sure, defending the idea that this is merely a tool with no moral implications and that it’s the users who define what those might be. There is also a defence made of the ethical uses of AI revenge porn. AI Generated Sexy Dance

I’m not sure if this was done using Animate Anyone or something similar, but Steve Lightspeed – the man behind – revealed that AI video generation is coming to his site soon, and gave the following example. He also acquired the domain name Porn.AI recently, although as of now it simply pretty much mirrors the DeepFake site.

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