Anti-Sex Robot Activists Demand Regulation of Sexbot Brothels

After the announcement that a Canadian sex doll company owner plans to introduce up to ten ‘sexbot brothels’ in the USA, activists there have stepped up demands for regulation. Like certain similar institutions that have sprung up in Europe recently, Yuval Gavriel intends to skirt around existing prostitution laws to open his ‘sex doll for rent’ outlets. The growing army of anti-sex robot activists are not happy about this, it seems, and there have been calls for such ‘brothels’ to be regulated before they even open.

Activists and experts (and local parents) want restrictions on sexbot bordellos—if nothing else, to protect consumer safety and public health.

“It might make a very funny skit on Saturday Night Live if one of these go wrong, and control mechanisms break and the thing stars pulsating more than it’s supposed to,” George Washington University law professor John Banzhaf explained to the Examiner. “But that could create a very real physical hazard.”

It’s one thing to regulate sex robots on (physical) health and safety grounds, another to want them banned because they ‘put women out of business’ or similar ethical grounds. On that subject, it appears that the British leader of the moral crusade to ban sexbots has a book on the way to be published next year – ‘Sex Robots : The End of Love‘.

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