Artificial Faces Becoming Incredibly Real


AI made fake faces are becoming ever more realistic, a fact showcased by a popular new online site which challenges you spot the real face amongst the machine algorithm made imposters – Which Face Is Real?


Half-a-million people have so far played the game and the average success rate for beginners is just 60% rising to 75%. The implications for adult entertainment are enormous. Obviously for much maligned ‘deep fake porn’, but also for the legit creation of entirely fictitious photo-realistic virtual sex characters.

The artificially created faces at the site aren’t made to look attractive, only realistic. But it’s only a small further step to incorporate algorithms that can consistently create beautiful and sexy faces, perhaps also with the input of the viewer – such as selecting certain features that the viewer prefers (red hair or freckles, for example).

Either with real-time biometrics (such as measuring sexual arousal in the viewer) or simply Tinder type swiping to the most preferable image out of alternatives, the algorithms could eventually be able to create the perfect face for the viewer – his ultimate dream girl.

You can read more about these AI generated fake faces at this Wired article.

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