Hamony The Sex Robot Can Change Faces

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Matt McMullen showed off his sex robot Harmony at the CES earlier this month, and had a surprise up his sleeve – the robot’s face is ‘modular’ meaning it can be quite easily altered simply by pulling something out and putting something else back in.

Harmony change faces

It’s a great idea of course. Harmony is expected to cost in the range of $5000 when she finally goes on sale in the coming months. Men crave variety in their sex lives, and $5k is a large outlay for one talking sex doll. Not only can the faces be switched fairly easily (it seems) to turn Harmony into ‘Solana’, the A.I. personality could similarly be changed to match the ‘new’ robot. It also enables Matt and his company RealBotix to build a lucrative ecosystem after each intitial sex robot purchase. Not many people would have the space, let alone finance, to build a harem of $5k sex robots, but a modular face system will allow an ongoing income stream for the company as buyers elect to purchase new faces, wigs etc.

Potentially a modular face/head system could also be used with augmented and virtual reality, so that the face broadly matches what you’re seeing in virtual reality, or being projected onto the face via AR. The future of sex robots might well be rather bland generic faced A.I. dolls in combination with augmented reality with the facial features largely projected onto the head. Down the road, perhaps instead of a modular doll head, perhaps a head that can change shape somewhat in realtime to match the AR projection.

CES 2018: This bizarre sexbot can actually swap faces

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