VirtualTaboo Teen Ballerina VR Sex Movie Review

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Mila Split Russian teen gymnast vr sex

Mia Split makes her VR debut playing the role of your ballet loving teen stepdaughter.

Mia Split In ‘Spitting On Daddy’s Cock’ (VirtualTaboo)

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Another incestuous virtual reality fantasy from kinky site VirtualTaboo, this time featuring a nubile flexible girl as your teenage stepdaughter. She’s highly flexible (and believe me, she proves it in this video) because she’s been taking expensive ballet classes for years – and you, her stepdaddy, were only too happy to pay for it. Maybe it’s because you always had in the back of your mind the time when she turned 18 and decided to pay you back with a very sexy display of her skills!

This is apparently Mia Split’s first virtual reality porn movie. I did some Googling and haven’t been able to find anything about her, so she’s obviously very new to the industry itself, at least under this name. I’d like to think she is a real life Russian ballet student, struggling a little to pay her expensive class fees, so was persuaded to make some easy money ‘showing her flexibility’ in a VR video. Maybe she didn’t even know she would be sucking and fucking you – her ‘stepdaddy’ – in 3D virtual reality until she arrived at the studio, hehe.

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VirtualTaboo - Spit On Daddys Dick

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