Asian Sex Diary VR – Popular Asian Reality ‘Pick-Up’ Site Films In Virtual Reality

Horny Thai MILF Asian Sex Diary VR video

Perhaps the most popular Asian girl niche site – Asian Sex Diary – has become the latest established porn brand to start shooting in VR. Currently, however, the VR porn videos are being made available not on Asian Sex Diary itself, but through ‘the Netflix of VR porn’ Sex Like Real. Only four videos have been released so far through the site.

Asian Sex Diary puports to be first hand footage of the exploits of a horny American sex-pat as he tours South East Asia looking for new conquests. And he certainly does have an impressive lay count, with the number of POV filmed sex videos on the site nearing 1,000. The VR videos thus far released follow much the same format, although one of the four scenes was filmed with multiple cameras.

Virtual Reality Is The Natural Medium For ‘Reality’ Porn

I believe that Asian Sex Diary is owned by the same company that produced or owned the famous Bangbros porn site, often described as the very first ‘reality’ porn site. I recently saw a claim on Reddit that Bangbros was venturing into VR filming, and it would appear that Asian Sex Diary VR must be what that person was referring to.

I’ve often thought that virtual reality is a natural medium for the niche of ‘reality porn’. Unfortunately, VR porn producers more often take the opposite route and feature pornstars who roll their eyes and fake orgasms in outlandishly implausible scenarios. With the VR porn videos of Asian Sex Diary, you get to travel through South East Asia and experience the life there as a very successful sex tourist, having daily casual sex with a variety of Thai, Filipina, and Chinese girls that you just picked up in a bar, in a shopping center, or on the street.

Big Ass Asian MILF from Bangkok with Fearless Penetration

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The best part of virtual reality is you can go places you’ve never been and do things you’ve never done – so AsiansexdiaryVR is taking it to the next logical step and letting you tour east Asia through the eyes (and cock!) of one lucky dude and endless lineup of amateur Asian babes! Today’s treat is a sexy, curvy MILF with a fantastic & plump ass, and she’s got a dripping wet, tight pussy just waiting for you to rail as she joins you in bed for some of the wildest fun you’ll ever have touring Thailand.

Phillipina Mia in Hong Kong – Hot Asian Amateur POV

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You’ve traveled to the island of Hong Kong to get a taste of the local wildlife, but even there you just can’t resist a hot Philipina amateur! Mia is ready to follow you back to your hotel and show off her sexy body, perfect ass, cute tits, and dripping wet pussy in one of the wildest nights in a hotel you’ve ever had. And you’ve NEVER had a blowjob like the feeling of her tongue swirling around the head of your dick! Fuck this hot Asian amateur right on your favorite VR headset with the SLR app! Bon voyage!

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