BabeVR Megan Marx Teen Virtual Sex Review

BabeVR starring Megan Marx

Young babe Megan Marx steps out of the friendzone with you in this simulated sex fantasy.

Megan Marx BabeVR

Megan Marx Stars In ‘Enter The Fuckzone’ VR Sex Video Review

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Another VR porn newcomer today and another exciting babe it is too. Young and pretty Megan Marx is a blue-eyed babe with a natural teen body, and here in her debut for simulated sex site BabeVR, she shows she has a lot of natural acting ability as well .

The premise is that she’s been your friend for a long time, but now her boyfriend has given her the green light to fuck other men, and you were the first person she wanted to do it with.

The sex is very good, complete with convincing and restrained moans from the lovely Megan. There is one slightly amusing part when her ass cheeks appear to keep sticking to the stunt cock torso when she’s riding ‘your’ cock in the reverse cowgirl position, but she keeps her demeanor like a pro.

Definitely one of the prettiest girls in VR porn – her baby blue eyes are soooo adorable. Hopefully she’ll star again for BabeVR, and perhaps even do some hardcore VR.

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BabeVR Megan Marx in Entering the Fuckzone

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