BabeVR Redhead Lola Rae VR Video Review

BabeVR Lola Rae Farewell Fuck VR movie

BabeVR Farewell Fuck Starring Lola Rae

Redheaded young beauty Lola Rae gives you a farewell fuck before she packs her bags and goes off to study for her Masters at university, in this 35 minute 4K simulated sex fantasy.

Lola Rae Stars In ‘Farewell Fuck’ VR Porn Movie Review

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First time sex with a girlfriend is always special, but what about last time sex? Maybe you’ve experienced the pain when your girl is about to move far away to a new college or university. You both still love each other, but deep down you know she’s likely to meet somebody else…and this might be the very last time you get to go balls deep inside her tight little nubile body!

That’s the premise of the is simulated sex fantasy from BabeVR. I tend to love redheads, but British girl Lola Rae isn’t my favorite. But if you like young women with big booties though, and with a British accent to go with it, she’ll certainly do it for you. The movie is up to the usual standards of BabeVR, although very minimalist in this video with the sex taking place on a bare bed.

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