BBC Covers Women’s ‘Sexual Health’ Gadgets At CES 2020

BBC CES 2020 sex tech

BBC CES 2020 sex techThe BBC have devoted an article to future sex tech at the CES 2020. Those of you hoping to see something about the latest sex robots or perhaps Brian Sloan’s Autoblow AI will be disappointed however. Despite all the talk about the CES discriminating against women for strict rules on the showcasing of adult goods, it seems that for the BBC all that was on display there anyway was women’s ‘sexual health’ goods. These include jewellery that double up as mini vibrators.

Founder Suki Dunham recalls with amusement one year when it had described its product as being wireless, and found itself placed in the connectivity section of the show as a result, sandwiched awkwardly between Verizon and Yahoo.

She remembers that sex at the show was once more about erotica than gadgets.

“AVN [Adult Video News] used to have a section that was part of CES,” she recalls.

“A lot of tech that came about then was because of the sex industry and in particular porn.

“It’s [now] on a different level. It’s about sexual health and wellness with a real understanding about female pleasure.”

Back in the sex tech corner is Crave, whose jewellery doubles up as small vibrators.

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