Autoblow Inventor Brian Sloan Claims CES Discriminates Against Male Sex Toys

Brian Sloan CES discriminates against male sex toys

Brian Sloan CES discriminates against male sex toysWhilst most of the noise about ‘discrimination’ and sex toys at the annual Consumer Electronics Show at CES has inevitably involved claims that women and their sex toys are unfairly treated, one brave sex tech entrepreneur is staking the case for men’s rights at the Los Angeles event. Brian Sloan – the man behind the famous Autoblow blowjob machine – has pointed out, quite reasonably in my opinion, that the specific wording of the event’s restrictions on sex toys discriminate primarily against men, because it forbids ‘anatomically correct human genitalia’, and male sex toys tend to fit into that category more than women’s do.

“As the owner of a male-centric sex toy brand, I believe this policy effectively prohibits the display of pleasure products for men because men overwhelmingly prefer devices that contain human-like orifices, especially female genitalia,” Sloan wrote.

He said he applied to CES in September 2019 to display the new Autoblow AI at the 2020 show. He said CES representatives told him that they would be happy to rent the company a booth provided he removed the silicone mouth sleeve the product comes with and replaced it with a sleeve that contains only a nondescript hole. He declined their offer.

“It is normal for human beings to feel sexual excitement from the appearance of the body parts of other human beings,” Sloan said. “The reason the Autoblow AI comes with a mouth sleeve is because it aims to recreate the oral sex experience. That a human mouth is involved in that experience is an inescapable fact. I cannot pretend otherwise.”

He added, “While CES has (commendably) helped to lift the stigma against sexual devices for women by allowing them to be displayed as mainstream consumer electronics, CES has reinforced the stigma against sexual devices for men (and the related shame) by disallowing them based solely on the one feature that happens to be highly linked to their commercial success: human orifices.”

Sloan said he would like the CTA to re-explore this issue and open the show to all high-tech adult consumer electronics — including those that resemble parts of human beings.

Sloan’s latest version of the Autoblow incorporates AI deep learning algorithms and the analysis of the responses of men viewing blowjob porn videos, to create a machine that can reproduce ‘the perfect blowjob’. Click on the banner below to find out more.

Autoblow AI in action

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