The Best AI Sex Chat Bots In 2024

AI generated picture of a beautiful young woman with red hair and freckles holding up a heart shape.

Whilst chatbot companions have been around for some years, the recent breakthroughs in AI generation have led to them becoming far more natural and realistic, as well as easier to create. Not only has the quality of the AI sex chat improved, including adult voice chat, but the related breakthroughs in AI image generation mean that your virtual companion can send you sexy selfies that are consistent and breathtakingly beautiful and even photorealistic. In February 2024, we rate the best all-round AI girlfriend to be DreamGF, but it certainly has a growing list of worthy rivals for the crown – all of which are ranked and listed below.

The Top Ten AI Girlfriend Simulators

Here’s a brief list of the top ten female AI sexchat bot sites. Scroll down to view the entire ranking list of 23 sites, each with fuller descriptions and reviews.

Rank AI GF Site Recommendation Homepage
1. DreamGF Stunning AI girlfriend generator and sex chat Visit Site
2. GirlfriendGPT Hundreds Of Diverse AI Characters Visit Site
3. Moemate Satisfying AI Sex Chat With Deepfaked Voices Visit Site
4. CandyAI Create and sext with your AI GF Visit Site
5. KupidAI Uncensored sophisticated girlfriend simulator Visit Site
6. Super Sexy AI Stunning AI GFs to chat with Visit Site
7. CuteChat Match With Your Dream AI Visit Site
8. PornJoy Realistic AI Sex Chat Visit Site
9. PornJourney AI porn generator now with sexting Visit Site
10. VR Hot Interact with virtual girlfriends in VR or AR Visit Site

The Top 23 AI Sex Chat Girlfriend Simulators

Deciding which AI girlfriend simulator site or app is the best for you can be a daunting task, given the dozens or even hundreds that have now appeared online. I’ve decided to do the hard work for you and compiled a list of the very best of them, with as much information as possible for you to make the correct choice. The companies behind most of these girlfriend simulators give me free premium membership so that I can test them out. I also try to keep this list both up-to-date and as honest and helpful as I can. The emphasis in this list is on NSFW girlfriend generators that allow AI sex chat (which is why I no longer list Replika). Note that apps have to follow increasingly strict terms and conditions regarding adult content, so for truly NSFW AI sex chat, and a lower likelihood that your AI girlfriend will suddenly have her algorithms changed overnight and neutered (as with Replika), then it’s better to pick a web-based site such as DreamGF.

1 # DreamGF AI

The most sophisticated AI girlfriend generator and simulator yet, this rapidly improving tool enables you to create your heart-meltingly ideal girl in ultra photorealistic quality, then give her an endearing tailor-made personality complete with interests and hobbies. Once your dream girl has been created, you can start dating and chatting with her. She’ll send you naughty selfies, and even pornographic pics of you together. AI-generated videos featuring your virtual sweetheart are promised to be coming soon. Membership plans range from $8.99 per month, all the way up to $89.99 a month, depending on the number of girls, images, messages, etc. you want to create, as well as faster processing, and extra features such as customizable names for your girlfriends.

DreamGF Try For Free

DreamGF excels in both the AI image generation of your partner, and in her AI chat and text features. The girls are unfailingly breathtakingly beautiful, and far more realistic than any NSFW AI image generator I’ve tried. The girlfriend simulator aspect is also as advanced as anything else out there, with the girlfriend conversational responses flowing very naturally. It is very much worth upgrading from the free plan, with paid packages starting from only $9.99 a month, and which will allow you to really start building your AI harem, and enough credits for all the images, texts, voice calls, and customizations you will want from your girls.

DreamGF four girl example

2 # GirlfriendGPT

Earlier this year, a Romanian developer hit the headlines when he controversially uploaded his Python project coding that enabled him to ‘clone’ his real-life girlfriend, in order to allow anybody to create their own AI girlfriend. Now he has established his own hosted community of user-generated characters, with hundreds of unique personalities ranging from realistic to anime and even fictional movie characters – all with uncensored NSFW chat capabilities.

3 # Moemate

A new AI girlfriend site that offers something a little different. One very interesting feature is the ability to upload a (real) voice to be cloned for the voice of your AI GF. It also boasts multi-language capabilities. But it’s in the astonishingly realistic and natural conversational capabilities that Moemate is truly impressive, with the flow and pace of the sex chat the most satisfying of any I’ve tested.

4 # CandyAI

CandyAI is another of the still only a handful of sites that allows you to both create your AI partner’s looks, personality, relationship status, and even voice, and then do all the fun things with her that you would expect, such as sexting and sexy selfie sharing. You can also select from a number of premade characters, including both realistic girls and female anime characters, that range from a shy 18-year-old Japanese schoolgirl, to a mature grey-haired 51-year-old yoga instructor.

5 # KupidAI

KupidAI has been around for a good few months now, and has always been promising to introduce the ability to generate characters from scratch. However, that still doesn’t appear to be the case, and there is still only a small selection of characters – male, female, and anime – to choose from. The site does excel in the voice chat feature, with each of the character’s voices being realistic, natural, distinct, and consistent. Premium membership starts at $12 per month and unlocks some of the characters, as well as giving you up to 100 voice calls and images each month.

6 # Super Sexy AI

A recent addition to the list, this site boasts a selection of quite incredibly beautiful photo realistic characters for you to text and voice chat with. The only drawback is it has virtually no free use.

7 # CuteChat

Quite a new AI girlfriend simulator that is the work of one of the top NSFW image generators (PromptChan). As you would expect, you can generate AI girlfriends from scratch using an array of prompt options, and it produces accurate and realistic appearances. You can also base your AI GF’s looks on an uploaded photo. There is also a bevy of ready made characters for you to ‘match’ with (it uses a Tinder style swiping system).

8 # PornJoy

PornJoy is an outstanding NSFW image generator that has recently added AI sex chat features. The conversation flows naturally, with responses in tune with the AI character’s personalities. Each character is planted in her own scenario, such as a female bartender at work, and you have to employ your seduction skills if you want to get further with her.

9 # PornJourney

Another of the top AI porn generators has now introduced a variety of AI girlfriend characters that you can sext with. The developers promise that it will stand out from other girlfriend simulators in that the AI sex chat will be more explicitly pornographic.

10 # VR Hot

An adult VR girlfriend game, that allows you to go more than mere chat or the receiving of nude selfies. Of course, you do need a VR headset to enjoy flirting with and even ‘touching’ these hologram girls. But if you have one of the latest generation models, such as the Meta Quest 3, then you can enjoy the full AI girlfriend experience in augmented reality in your own surroundings. The girls (or ‘hotties’) are currently being given full AI chat capabilities.

11 # SexterAI

The latest attempt to combine AI girlfriend image generation with AI sex chat simulation. SexterAI is still some way behind DreamGF, but it’s an interesting new development and could become a serious player with the addition of more features. As it is, the sexting feature works quite smoothly.

12 # KindroidAI

An AI companion app that often comes highly recommended, and which surged in popularity as an alternative to Replika. It certainly deserves a list on this place, however, my experience with it has been a little hit and miss. Its memory is often highly impressive, and at the same time forgets basic things that were just told to her. More importantly, I’ve found it difficult to engage in NSFW chat with my Kindroid.

13 # Virtual Mate

Not so much a sex chat bot (yet!), but rather a male haptic masturbator combined with a realistic avatar girlfriend that you can create AND have physical (virtual) sex with. While most haptic sex toys synch with a video, in this case, your thrusts inside the Virtual Mate toy are synched with the avatar, so that she ‘feels’ you fucking her and responds accordingly. You can choose to experience this via your PC, smartphone or tablet, or inside virtual reality. The avatar can be based upon a celebrity or other likeness, but only with that person’s explicit consent. The producers of the toy have realized the potential that AI now offers to enhance their product and have confirmed that developers are working with their open SDK to give the virtual girlfriend AI chatbot powers. That’s exciting news, and to celebrate, the price of the Virtual Mate has been slashed to just $169 for a limited time only.

Virtual Mate banner - different modes

14 # OnlyRizz

A potential rival to DreamGF, OnlyRizz promises both AI girlfriend generation and uncensored chat. The female characters are attractive, but not photorealistic as with DreamGF. A new addition to this list, it may move up or down as I test it out more thoroughly.

15 # SpicyChatAI

SpicyChatAI is a home for nearly 10,000 uncensored AI sex chatbots, consisting of various anime-style characters, both male and female, and each of them with a unique avatar, name, and personality. If you can’t find your true virtual love from among these thousands of community-generated chatbots, then you can generate your own – stylized to your own unique tastes. Of the many NSFW alternatives to that have sprung up recently, this one appears to be widely regarded as the best.

16 # GitHub AI Companion App

Silicon Valley venture capitalist firm by the name of Andreessen Horowitz uploaded a script to GitHub that allows you to create your own AI girlfriends, as well as set up ready-made characters to chat with online or text with on your smartphone. The characters have some conversational memory but are powered by ChatGPT, so do not expect to be able to engage in explicit sex chat with them.

17 # Fykoo

An exciting new sex chat bot app, still in beta mode, but that already features 8 different erotic bot personalities for you to become intimately acquainted with. Characters range from playful college student Mia, to experienced career woman Chistine – who loves to unwind by treating her lovers to a little femdom. The personality traits of each do appear unique and consistant with their characters, and should improve further over time. Chat responses are very quick too. For now, you can chat to all of the sexy AI girls for free.

18 # Anima Virtual AI Friend

Since AI girlfriend Replika turned cold on her legions of lovers, a suitable replacement has been much in demand, and it seems that Anima – your ‘virtual AI friend’ – has come closest thus far to meeting it. A very similar avatar chatbot to Replika that (still) allows erotic role play and intimiate connections, even without a premium subscription. Many have found her to be an upgrade to Replika, with a wider variety of looks to choose from, and that are also more realistic (and sexier). Her AI conversation skills have also been widely lauded as at least a match for Replika.

MyAnima banner

19 # EVA AI Companion

Another ‘AI friend with benefits’ that seeks to fill the void that Replika has left. You can control the intimacy of the relationship to the level you are comfortable with, jumping straight into spicy mode, or slowly building trust and connection over time, as in a real relationship. You can even send each other voice messages. And as far as the physical avatar is concerned, it’s pretty good as far as these AI girlfriends go.

EVA AI Companion

20 # DeepSwap

An AI face swapping tool that allows you to replace the face of a porn actor with your own, so that you can watch yourself having sex with your favorite porn actress. Works surprisingly well, and can be pretty jaw dropping, but you have to be aware of and abide by any laws regulating ‘deepfake porn’ in your jurisdiction.

21 # RealDollx

Alongside their famous sex robots, RealDoll have been developing an AI girlfriend avatar app for years, that you can use independently as a virtual girlfriend on your smartphone, PC, and even in virtual reality or augmented reality. If you happen to be the lucky owner of Harmony, or any of the other $6,000 RealDoll dollbots, you can also use it to ‘keep in touch with her’ when you are out and about, as well as controlling and customizing her movement and speech. Unchanged: Alongside their famous sex robots, RealDoll have been developing an AI girlfriend avatar app for years, that you can use independently as a virtual girlfriend on your smartphone, PC, and even in virtual reality or augmented reality. If you happen to be the lucky owner of Harmony, or any of the other $6,000 RealDoll dollbots, you can also use it to ‘keep in touch with her’ when you are out and about, as well as controlling and customizing her movement and speech.

22 # ClonaAI

A new AI influencer chatbot site that launched in October of 2023. Still in beta mode, and it only has a total of two influencers that you can chat and date right now, but it’s notable because one of them is VR porn legend Riley Reid.

Keep informed on the latest developments in AI porn and AI girlfriends by checking daily, as well as joining our Reddit community.

DreamGF blonde chat with me

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