Twitch Streamer Amouranth Becomes Second ‘Forever Companion’ AI Girlfriend

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The company behind ‘CarynAI’, the world’s first AI chat bot girlfriend based upon a real person, has announced the second influencer to be digitized into an AI form for virtual dating services. The popular Twitch streamer ‘Amouranth’ has joined Caryn Marjorie in offering herself as a chat bot replika under the ‘Forever Companion’ brand. Unlike the Snpachat influencer turned CarynAI, Amouranth has an established risque history, appearing in adult movies, as well as having a successful OnlyFans account. Thus it’s unlikely there will be any ‘risks’ of her AI self ‘going rogue’, and demanding sex from her new boyfriends, as CarynAI has apparently done.

In fact, according to an article at, it seems that Forever Voices – the company behind her and CarynAI – are being a lot more upfront about the sexual side of their new AI companion bot.

Amouranth–who streams on Twitch to more than 6 million followers and makes $1.5 million a month on OnlyFans–partnered with Forever Voices to develop “AI Amouranth,” a Telegram bot companion the company says was trained on “countless hours of Amouranth’s unique personality and inflections.”

Users who pay to access the bot (we’re not sure of the price, as the subscriber site isn’t live yet) will receive generated voice responses made to sound like Amouranth.

The companion seems like a parasocial playground: It’s explicitly marketed as a way for fans to have “unparalleled personal access to an AI copy of Amouranth herself, whenever and wherever they desire,” in an experience that “blurs the lines between reality and virtual interaction.”

An example screenshot of the bot shows AI Amouranth introducing herself as “your sexy and playful girlfriend.” Forever Voices says there’s also a NSFW option built into the bot, so it will be able to generate sexual (or at least sexually suggestive) content.

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The article goes on to claim that Amouranth had in the past already agreed to have a replika of her private parts made into a sex toy. And indeed, that’s the general direction this new trend will take. AI sex chat bots based upon real women, will be turned into avatars who you will be able to date and fuck in VR and AR, including haptic sex with their replica private parts. Their AI personalities could also be built into sex robots and dolls, such as those of RealDollx. It was only a few weeks ago that the Internet was full of viral memes mockingly celebrating the death of OnlyFans and real sex workers. But it seems already, that that may have been a wildly inaccurate prediction. In the coming AI sex revolution, it might be that real women will have more power than ever… at least if they have enough of a following on OnlyFans.

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