Bill Maher Takes Aim At Digisexuals

Bill Maher on digisexuality

A very humorous (and actually in parts quite informative!) look at the history of sexual relationships with technology. Bill Maher does actually use the word ‘digisexual’, which is why Dr Markie retweeted it – it was her and Neil McArthur who coined the term in their seminal academic paper – ‘The Rise of Digisexuality : Therapeutic Challenges and possibilities‘.

Digisexuality was also featured last week in an online article at

There are obviously innumerable ethical issues with this second wave of digisexuality—including, among so many others, the moral dilemmas surrounding the treatment of humanoid robots, or any other robots used for sexual purposes, for that matter—but it’s the idea of supplanting humans with robots and virtual reality in the realms of romance that seem to require the most forethought right now. Not only is it reasonable to believe that second-wave digisexual technologies will further alienate people from each other, but McArthur and Twist also emphasize the fact that there could be widespread stigmatization of people who do decide to jettison carbon-based partners in favor of silicon-based ones.

Ultimately, however, the researchers seem to think that the evolution of digisexuality will be a net positive for humanity. McArthur said in a 2017 Discover article that “There will be lots of digisexuals in the near future, but it’s going to be okay.” He added that digisexuality will eventually just “take its place alongside other non-mainstream sexual identities, and society will go on.” Although as far as seeing things from the sexbots’ point of view, it’ll probably be a while before we figure out if we’re actually turning them on or off.

I was also contacted the other day and asked for my thoughts regarding the Chaturbate 3D anime webcam model ‘Melody’, in the light of the apparently growing trend of digisexuality. I don’t know if the author will make use of my thoughts, but I pointed out the advantages that digital webcam models had over live performers. For example, that Melody could ‘go private’ with limitless men simultaneously etc.

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