Does the BabeVR ‘Stunt Cock’ Format Work? Reader’s Poll.

BabeVR poll

BabeVR pollBabeVR is one of the newer members of the BadoinkVR stable of virtual reality porn sites. What marks it out as different to any other VR site I know of is that it dispenses with the male actor alltogether, whilst at the same time shooting from the viewer’s POV and using a realistic stunt cock to enable the illusion of having sex with the actress.

Does it work, or is it just an attempt to save money for the studio? Well I’ve listed here some of the advantages I feel that shooting in that format might have for the studio, the actress, and the viewer. But please scroll down and participate in the poll below to give your opion.

Advantages of BabeVR format

  • Much easier to film. Removes the awkwardness of having the VR cameraman position himself over the male actor.
  • Better more natural performance from the actress. Firstly, because of the lack of awkwardness mentioned above. Secondly, rather than fucking a male actor she might detest or fucked 20 times already, she’s having sex with YOU the viewer (in a virtual sense), and as she doesn’t know you, she’s free to project on to whatever image turns her on.
  • It might be easier for the male viewer to identify with a sex toy replica torso/penis (‘stunt cock’) than a male actor. This is why the male actor rarely speaks in VR – it destroys the illusion that it’s you having sex rather than the actor. So it’s quite a genius move to get rid of the actor alltogether and have a stunt cock and torso as your ‘virtual body’.

Along with POV VR with a stunt cock instead of an actor, there is also the option of shooting VR from the traditional ‘voyeuristic’ perspective used in most 2D porn. However, as far as I know, only Reality Lovers offer that (along with the POV perspective).

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And here are five of my favourite VR videos so far from BabeVR

Brook Logan’s Toy Show – Brook Logan

Dolce Vita – Darcie Dolce

The Promised Ring – Ivy Jones

Cum What May – Milena May

Rainy Daze – Aiden Ashley

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