BabeVR Alex De La Flor Latina Teen VR Movie Review

BabeVR Alex De La Flor

BabeVR Alex De La FlorA gorgeous young American Latina teen babe lets you pound her tight wet hole that is normally reserved for the tongues of girls.

Solo simulated virtual sex in 4K VR from BabeVR.

Alex De La Flor Stars in Doggy De La Flor – VR Trailer & Review

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BabeVR is one of my favourite VR pay sites, and this great movie starring Alex De La Flor perfectly demonstrates why. A beautiful natural perky breasted young woman who doesn’t (apparently) do hardcore penetration porn, and has only appeared in a few lesbian erotic movies, agrees to suck, fuck and ride a ‘stunt cock’ sex toy in 3D VR Pov, meaning that thousands of horny guys can effectively be the owners of that cock and feel themselves inside her tight little body.

And like so many of the BabeVR videos, the ‘simulated’ sex feels far more natural and relaxed than most ‘real’ sex VR videos in which the girl is being fucked by an actor. Young Alex gives a great performance, especially the doggy style scene (not exactly easy with a silicone sex toy), and you can believe easily enough, while you have your VR headset on, that this your girlfriend you’re having sex with rather than watching a male actor fucking a jades pornstar going through the motions.

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