Female Sex Therapist Warns Sex Robots Will End Civilization

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DS Doll Robotics
DS Doll Robotics

It’s commonly agreed that women being allowed to pursue careers instead of motherhood is a good thing, in fact a basic and universal human right, even though it undoubtedly has led to a collapse in fertility rates in the West. However, it seems that the distant possibility of sex robots, and the possible effects that they may have on reproduction rates, is a very bad thing, even if they undoubtedly will help sex therapists treat men with sexual disorders, and we need to ban them now. So says none other than a sex therapist herself (female, of course).

During her presentation, Brandon shared a laundry list of potential issues she thinks could accompany the advent of sex bots.

For one, the robots will likely be disproportionately targeted toward men the same way pornography currently is, according to Brandon.

But while a lack of equal benefit for women is troubling, the damage these robots could do to relationships in general might be downright catastrophic.

Because the sex robots will be essentially the “perfect” sexual partner — attractive, compliant, convenient — they’ll make “real” relationships, with all their ups and downs, less appealing, according to Brandon. The quality of relationship intimacy will drop, she predicts, and people will be less motivated to work on problems with their mates.

Some people will opt out of traditional relationships altogether in favor of the bots, Brandon said during her presentation, possibly leading to a decrease in marriages and even birth rates.

In other words, sex robots might benefit individuals — but take a look at the bigger picture, and you might see them ushering in the end of human society as we know it.

For a very contrary male perspective on the possibilities of sex robots and high-tech porn, you usually have to go to controversial ‘MGTOWs’ (‘Men Go Their Own Way’ proponents) on places like YouTube (likely to be banned soon).


Here, for example, the notorious ‘Sandman’ argues that men should unashamedly ‘make fapping great again’.

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