Love and Sex with Robots (David Levy) – Brief Book Review

David Levy Love and Sex with Robots book

An absorbing, and for the most part plausible case for love and sex with robots. The book is tremendously well researched – even to the point sometimes of being a little dry and academic. For example, when trying to pressgang the reader with a barrage of statistics into recognising the sanity of those who love their Tamagotchis more than they could a real pet (or even their families). But whereas the first half of the book is a rather over-detailed and unconvincing account of human love for inanimate objects, the second half really comes to life when describing some of the amazing advances in both robotics and sex toy technology and what might be just around the corner.

This part of the book also contains an interesting (and quite grisly) chapter on the changing shifts in sexual mores. To the author, the fact that homosexuals were still being put to death in Europe little more than a century ago and yet are now engaging in legal matrimonies is proof enough that we will all be marrying robots in the year 2050. Moral attitudes are undoubtedly changing ever more rapidly, but the assumption that sexual morality, like technology, is moving down a one way progress street is doubtful, to say the least. Nethertheless, Levy does realistically and thoroughly describe a quite enchanting vision of a near future world in which nobody need ever go without love and sex.

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