Fully Customized Sex Dolls

custom sex doll sculpture

I recently became aware of a growing sex doll trend in which a number of suppliers are offering fully personalized ‘custom sex dolls’ that are beyond the usual choice of eye color or hair style etc. Buyers are invited to submit a description or even a photo of a real person to the doll company who will then carefully produce a realistic sex doll with as close a likeness as possible to that requested. One example of this type that received attention lately concerned a Chinese man grieving for his dead wife who was given a custom made doll in the appearance of his wife aged 40.

This trend will surely grow even further with the advances in 3D scanning technology seen in devices such as the latest iPhone, as well as the potential incorporation of 3D printing into the production of sex dolls. It’s even possible to make 3D images from 2D photos using AI.

Realistic custom made dolls of real people could be the future of high end dolls (and perhaps sex robots). As in the example of the Chinese man, dolls could be made to resemble a younger version of a wife, or even a replica of your (open-minded) girlfriend for use in a threesome or ‘twin fantasy’. Of course, 3D sex doll replicas of celebrities will be popular, as will clones of famous pornstars (‘cloned’ pornstar vagina masturbation sleeves are already best sellers). And of course there will be ethical issues. Are rights being violated if somebody’s image is used to create a sex doll without their consent? Perhaps some feminists will see it as a form of rape.

Leading sex doll company ‘OV Doll’ are leading the way in offering fully customized and personalized sex dolls (from head to toe) to order based on photos. Amazingly, prices start from $1,999.


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