Chinese Company Promises 3D Printed Sex Robot Replicas of Any Woman

DS Doll 3D

DS Doll 3D printed sex doll

One of the leading Chinese sex doll companies (DS Dolls), which is already making ‘smart sex dolls’, has announced its intention to 3D print sex doll/robot replicas of any woman. This is something I’ve been predicting here for a while.

With 3D scanning technology exploding, it was/is only a matter of time before ‘realistic sex dolls’ turn a whole new level of more realistic. Of course, the problem is how are legislators going to regulate this? Will the consent of the individual whose scanned image is going to be replicated in the form of a sex doll or robot be required? ‘Revenge Porn’ laws, as well as recent proposals in the UK to ‘future proof’ sex technology laws by banning deepfake porn will likely prevent people sexbot cloning their ex-girlfriends or celebrities, or at least from doing it legally. With the inevitable use of 3D scanning to create avatars for virtual and augmented reality, it might soon be the case that nearly everybody has a perfect 3D scan of their real body online, that of course could be hacked or stolen for such nefarious sex robot exploitation.

One of China’s leading sexbot companies is about to give its customers a chance to spice up their sex lives, announcing a revolutionary goal to hit the market with advanced AI-equipped dolls using 3D printing technology to “replicate” humans.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, DS Doll’s marketing manager Sam revealed that the company operates 3D printing technology, which allows it to create sex robot replicas of humans by scanning their full body into the software.

“The 3D printer works by developing the shape of the particular part in the computer software and then transferring to the printer. It is also connected to a 3D scanner which can be used to scan in the body of a full person as well as prototype parts for replication. This type of technology is excellent for creating new doll bodies and faces as they can be developed from a real human,” he said.

He then went into details, saying that developers at DS Doll have been using 3D printers to increase the speed and efficiency of production – this gives the company the chance to create a greater number of dolls and launch worldwide sales.

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Sam further elaborated that such sophisticated technology is capable of making all parts for the robotic doll prototypes “100% identical,” and stressed that DS Doll can create sex machines with a “good likeness” of the person they sought to replicate, but that they would need permission to do so.

“Using 3D printing streamlines the process of making intricate parts for the robots and means that all parts will be 100% identical. This means less wastage and lower development times. It is inevitable that this technology will become a large part of making robotic products in the foreseeable future for DS Doll.”

According to Sam, the 3D technology is likely to become an inherent part of the manufacturing process due to its laser-guided accuracy and economic efficiency.
Since 2010, DS Doll has been manufacturing around 400 custom models of all shapes and sizes monthly, with its premium-range products costing between $4,986 and $5,380.

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