FutureSex Subreddit Banned

The subreddit that accompanies this site, with the latest links to news and articles in the world of ever increasing advances in sex technology, has been banned, along with all my other subreddits for being ‘unmoderated’.

Not sure what that means. I was neglecting a few subreddits because nobody else was posting on them and they only had one or two subscribers, but I certainly was moderating r/futuresex, as well as my other important subreddits such as r/sexbots.  It seems a troll might have targetted me as I noticed I was getting a few posts (including articles from this site) being flagged by one individual for spam. There doesn’t seem much way to appeal on Reddit apart from here :

Request unbanning r/futuresex from redditrequest


Seems a shame all that work I’ve put into that and the other subreddits for over a year has gone to waste and I don’t have a right to appeal. I might create a new one, but probably not.

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Xhumanist has been writing on porn/sex tech for nearly two decades, and has been predicting the rise of VR and AR porn, as well as AI porn, and their coming together to produce fully 'immersive porn', which would be indistinguishable from the real thing, and create a society of 'sexual abundance'. He identifies as a digisexual, and has been quoted in Wired Magazine.

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