Is it Over for Virtual Reality Sex Cams?

VR porn has been struggling of late, or at least stagnating for most of this year. It certainly remains a niche market, and it will take quite a manyfold leap in headset sales before it becomes mainstream. It’s not surprising then, that VR sex cam sites – an experimental niche within an experimental niche – have struggled even more so. At the start of last year the dedicated adult VR cam site launched to much industry excitement. It wasn’t even the first such site, and it promised to be just one of many more that would transform the webcam business, already by far the most lucrative segment of the billion dollar adult sex industry.

Live VR cam site AliceX has abandoned virtual reality

However, AliceX stopped promoting Virtual Reality cams earlier this year, to much less fanfare. Other VR cam sites, such as CamSoda VR and VirtualRealCams (from the VirtualRealPorn stable) appear not to be offering new shows at this time. VR webcam shows at this time are even more costly to produce than recorded VR videos, and require even more skill on the part of the performers. One company hoping to change this is Terpon – a provider of cheap 3D VR high-resolution webcams for independent cam models. However, the problem remains of the disappointing sales of VR headsets, which in any case are still too bulky and sweaty to make long immersive adult VR cam sessions enjoyable for the viewer.

Ela Darling, who launched, often appears in the mainstream media as the upbeat (and female) face of the VR porn industry. Her site, was the first to experiment with VR cam shows, but appears to have switched entirely to producing content for other VR studios – namely Cam4, which as far as I know is the only VR cam site still providing live shows. When I visited the site today (Saturday evening in Europe) it did have one live VR show in progress with two other performers with shows promised for the same weekend.

A discussion on the future of adult VR cams is currently taking place at the adult industry forum ‘‘.

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