Oscillating Vibrators the New Sex Toy Trend for Women

Queen Bee Vibrator

It’s a testament to the growing popularity and sophistication of male sex toys that they are now beginning to influence the design of sex toys for women. Five years ago, and vibrators for men were almost unheard of. Now, there is a variety of types to choose from with increasing sophistication. Not only that, but their novel designs are now even influencing their female counterparts, a market that had seemingly done and tried everything years ago.

Up until this month, Hot Octopuss was best-known for the Pulse, a male sex toy that also uses oscillations instead of the typical vibrations in sex toys. But now this unique technology is also reaching vulva owners with the Queen Bee. This unique vibrator uses Hot Octopuss’s special “Pulse Plate” technology to create extremely powerful, high-amplitude oscillations.

Confused about what that means? Yeah, so was I—so I asked a Hot Octopuss rep to explain this new technology. She told me that a pistonlike device inside the product moves the surface of the head, so while it may feel a bit like a typical vibrator’s buzzing, it’s really just moving up and down very quickly. Though Queen Bee isn’t the first oscillating sex toy, it’s different from many of the other ones on the market in that it doesn’t look like a slightly scary medical device, but like a sleek hairbrush:

The Hot Octopuss Pulse is certainly one of the best male sex toys you can buy, and you can buy it here

The Queen Bee oscillating vibrator can be also be bought from the same site.

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