Are Gatebox Abandoning Their Holographic Assistant?

Gatebox digital AI personal assistant work from home

Gatebox - new video demo

Japanese company Gatebox have released a little promo to highlight the importance of having a cute AI anime girl on your desk, acting as your personal assistant, in these locked down and working from home, covid-19 times.

And we can all agree on the importance of that.

However, what’s caused some controversy is that, in the newly released video, the girl is no longer 3D or holographic, but simply a 2D cutout attached to the Alexa like speaker. Comments below the YouTube video reaveal the consternation that the video has caused, with many fans fearing that Gatebox might be abandoning the holographic assistant idea itself (after causing similar upset recently by ‘Westernizing‘ their cute Azuma Hikari PA).

As cute as the character is. This looses all the emotion. 3D Triangle image is what set you apart. Do not down grade this idea.

Gatebox, you broke it like humanity broke evolution instead of going forward we’re going backwards. Please give us the hologram version. The thing you just made we already have, it’s call Alexa…

The heck?? ok now they just had to turn it into a Amazon alexa echo dot now?

The whole appeal was about the hologram. Gatebox, please, do not abandon this concept!

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