Holo Girls Are Here

Voice assistants are very quickly becoming more intelligent and ever more useful, from Siri to the Amazon Echo (Alexa). So advanced and human like, in fact, that according to recent reports lonely men are starting  to form emotional and even sexual attachments to the (invariably) female ethereal voices. And now, thanks to a Japanese company, this trend is likely to accelerate quickly, as a personal home assistant is set to be launched that comes in an alluring female form, complete with knee socks, a cute anime face, and a very obedient demeanor.  Azuma Hikari is the first holographic home assistant…and she’s a sexy Japanese girl!

The girl is based on a popular anime character and the company behind her – Gatebox – aren’t hiding the fact at all that she is aimed at pleasing single lonely men (of which there are millions in Japan).

She is a comforting character that is
great to those living alone.
She will always do all she can just for the owner.

They promise that Azuma will recognize the owner when he comes home from work. According to the company’s FAQ page, they intend to introduce more characters in the future. Unfortunately, although the gadget can be ordered from abroad, or at least from the USA, Azuma can currently only speak and recognize Japanese. Nethertheless, this early combination of A.I. and holographics is certainly interesting and another indication that Japan will lead the way in advancing future sex technology, assisted by the big advantage that there is neither political correctness nor shame in openly targeting virtual sex aids towards millions of lonely businessmen. Even if those aids come in the form of ‘obedient’ holographic girls wearing kneesocks.

The world of erotic holographics received another boost on the same day as Azuma was shown to the world. Adult webcam company Camsoda, which already pioneers live virtual reality cam shows, announced that the world’s first live holo girls are coming soon. These live cam shows, filmed through 3D scanning, can be experienced through popular 3D pyramids that turn any smartphone into a holographic projector and that can be cheaply bought online from any number of sources including e-bay and Amazon, or at specialist online stores such as this one : http://hologrampyramid.net/ The Japanese holographic home assistant girl presumably works via similar basic technology.

The company – Camsoda – has produced a promotional YouTube video that claims to give an indication of what these ‘Holo-Cam’ shows will look like.

Camsoda promises weekly shows with the possibility of extra private shows too. They also promise to showcase their technology at a forthcoming adult industry convention taking place next month, apparently hoping to present a 4 ft version of the desktop sized pyramids.

Although this may seem like (and might actually be) a publicity gimmick on the part of Camsoda, if their ‘hologram shows’ really are being filmed by 3D scanning then it could be planned on their part as a prelude to live cam shows on mixed reality devices such as the HoloLens. Such a ‘live holo girl’ industry will likely be worth billions of dollars within years, and will likely be far more popular and convenient than cam shows in virtual reality, transposing as they do the performing girls into the viewers own home, as well as enabling him to remain in the real world.

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